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hey, i'm Mickiie
I like alot of stuff, Im from Australia and thats pretty much it,ask me if you want to know something:D

quote-life’s not a garden so there’s no need to be a Ho

Mitt Romney sucks pass it on


Oh my god the NOTES



the gif… PRICELESS.

there are only a little over 9million users on Tumblr..almost every single damn person has liked this post. Tumblr has the power!

Never not reblogging because it gets truer and truer every day.

I’m reblogging it again.

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friend: there's nothing worse than death
me: final seasons
me: post-concert depression
me: when there's no food
me: fictional characters dying
me: hipsters blogs
me: your crush asks someone else out
me: no wi-fi
me: when porn appears on your dash while someone is behind you

nessaaa39: heeey mickkiieee :) its vanessa, this is my new tumblr. I'm back on tumblr yaaay :D hehehe how's life???


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